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A theory of Webdesign

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The internet is huge these days.

A universe of content, some easy to access, some easy to read, but most of it is in a form of presentation that makes it a chore to access the information and read it.

That’s why, when creating a website, a few principles should be followed:

  • keep the design simple and elegant; too many graphics can slow down loading time, and could cause visitors to leave your site.
  • offer relevant information in an easy to read layout, no special fonts and colors, keep it simple.
  • make sure your images are decent and will not offend anybody.
  • make sure your links are not broken.
  • and most of all, if you want a professional website that will attract lots of visitors, please hire a professional web designer.

I will expand this theory in the future, but for now, any comments and questions are welcome.