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Computers today are omnipresent, and as with any technology out there, there are also problems that need fixing.

So I want to share my experiences, and what I have learned through the years, by dealing with so many generations of Personal Computers.

That is the first lesson, a PC is any computer purchased, regardless of the brand, designed to be used in the home, office, small business, etc.

Other types: servers, mainframes, etc.

Lately though, PC has become synonymous with a Windows based machine ( Windows is an operating system created by Microsoft). Apple computers are known as Macs.

So for the sake of  convenience, we will call all Windows machines PC’s  and all Apple Computers Mac’s.

A PC/Mac is nothing more then a box of electronic circuit boards and devices, that consume electrical power when plugged in an electrical outlet.

In order for someone to make use of the computer, an operating system needs to be installed on the machine. The Operating System (OS) is a piece of software that runs in the background on your computer, allowing the user to run different pieces of software, browse the internet, check email, etc…

Most Common OS:  Microsoft Windows. Mac OS X, Linux, etc..

We will get more in depth some other time.

For now, remember: Windows XP, Vista or 7,  are the OS’s running on your PC. Same goes for MAC OS X and Mac’s.

In conclusion, in order to have a functional computer, one needs the hardware box, and the software – operating system.

That is it for the first lesson.

Let me know what your questions are, and I will reply as best I can.