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Basics of Web Programming

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Whenever you want to start writing a piece of software, whether it’s a desktop application, a web app, or a server script, etc., a few basics need to be covered before the actual code is written.

If you are a highly skilled, professional programmer, then this post is not for you, you know these tips and got to where you are because you have used them.

So, before even attempting to write code, here’s what you need:

  • need to identify the problem and come up with a solution in plain English;
  • need basic knowledge of computer logic or pseudo-code;
  • translate the plain English solution in pseudo-code, and verify your results, by running the pseudo-code step by step;
  • once the logic is correct, the actual code can be written; for that one needs a good text editor, preferably one designed for programmers/developers. A good editor can be found here, and it is open source.
  • a good testing environment, preferably on a local computer. If you are doing web development, then WAMP is the perfect choice. If developing for desktops, then Visual Studio is a very good development environment.
  • and last but not least, plenty of caffeine and snacks ( keep them away from your keyboard :-D ).

So if you have these basics, you can start writing code, provided you actually put in the effort to learn at least one programming language.

Good luck.



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Welcome to

I have been thinking for a while now about starting a blog, talking about the many issues encountered while fixing computers for my customers, or dealing with the website design issues and server side of some of the websites I have been working on.

So with this blog, the idea is to share my knowledge and experience in the field with other users who might find this useful.

Ask your questions then, post your comments, or share your own experiences.

Someone once said knowledge is power; let us share the knowledge then so we all have access to that power.