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A theory of Webdesign

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The internet is huge these days.

A universe of content, some easy to access, some easy to read, but most of it is in a form of presentation that makes it a chore to access the information and read it.

That’s why, when creating a website, a few principles should be followed:

  • keep the design simple and elegant; too many graphics can slow down loading time, and could cause visitors to leave your site.
  • offer relevant information in an easy to read layout, no special fonts and colors, keep it simple.
  • make sure your images are decent and will not offend anybody.
  • make sure your links are not broken.
  • and most of all, if you want a professional website that will attract lots of visitors, please hire a professional web designer.

I will expand this theory in the future, but for now, any comments and questions are welcome.



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Welcome to

I have been thinking for a while now about starting a blog, talking about the many issues encountered while fixing computers for my customers, or dealing with the website design issues and server side of some of the websites I have been working on.

So with this blog, the idea is to share my knowledge and experience in the field with other users who might find this useful.

Ask your questions then, post your comments, or share your own experiences.

Someone once said knowledge is power; let us share the knowledge then so we all have access to that power.